Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Premier Bypasses Canada Health for U.S. Treatment

(St. John's, Newfoundland) In consultation with his doctors to have heart surgery performed at an undisclosed location in the United States, Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams has apparently shunned the Canadian health care system.

According to Deputy Premier Kathy Dunderdale, Premier Williams will be away for three to 12 weeks being treated by a renowned American doctor.
"It was never an option offered to him to have this procedure done in this province," said Ms. Dunderdale, refusing to answer whether the procedure could be done elsewhere in Canada.

Mr. Williams, 59, has said nothing of his health in the media.

"The premier has made a commitment that once he's through this procedure and he's well enough, he's going to talk about the whole process and share as much detail with you as he's comfortable to do at that time," she said.
So the logical question must be asked: When socialized medicine is forced on the U.S., where will all the foreign nationals go for top-quality health care?

Furthermore, it's enlightening that it was "never an option" to perform Mr. Williams' heart surgery in Newfoundland nor, seemingly, "elsewhere in Canada." Imagine that.

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