Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Commie Doctors Get No Respect

According to a report in the International Journal of Socialist Renewal dated yesterday, Western news agencies, particularly Fox News, are conspiring to minimize the contributions of Cuban and Venezuelan doctors in Haiti.

The journal piece details a few anecdotal experiences of Cuban health care personnel in Haiti while bemoaning and boohooing that the media are not giving them coverage. And, there's a desperate pleading:
Are we going to have to put speakers on the moon so that people know that Haiti has known Cuban doctors for many years before the earthquake struck?
Heh. Poor babies.

Meanwhile, a report has surfaced that 26 patients died last week in a Cuban hospital due to negligence. It appears that the government was less than expedient about disclosing information to the media on the patients' deaths.

In summary, commies want media coverage when they likely don't deserve it and they don't want coverage when they likely do deserve it. Sounds about right.

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