Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brits Experience "Diabolical" Cuban Health Care System

(Holguin, Cuba) A British family from Manchester spent a lot of money to go on a dream vacation to Cuba.

Instead, they were forced to enjoy an up close and personal experience with the Cuban socialized health care system.
A TOP Manchester cop and his young daughter were held in a `diabolical' Cuban hospital for FOUR days - because airport officials thought she had swine flu.

Det Chief Insp Pete Marsh, 47, spent £4,000 treating his wife and two children to a dream holiday. But it became a nightmare when a thermal camera showed daughter Bethany, 12, had a high temperature. She was rushed to a ramshackle hospital - with Pete insisting he went along too.

They were put in a room with bars on the windows and no running water - and forbidden to leave.

They only got out when Pete, of the Wythenshawe major incident team, told staff they would have to arrest him to make them stay. Now they are back at their hotel with the rest of the family - but claim the holiday has been ruined.

"The conditions were absolutely diabolical," Pete, from Stockport, said from Cuba.
Correct me if I'm mistaken but, as I recall, filmmaker Michael Moore never once used the word "diabolical" when he described the Cuban health care system.

Above photo (source) of Sala de Curaciones en un Hospital de la Isla displays typical conditions of medical facilities available to the general public.

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