Tuesday, June 30, 2009

California Slashes Health Benefits to Save Money

(Sacramento, California) Effective July 1st, the state-run health care insurance system (Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal) will eliminate adult dental care benefits, podiatry benefits and optometry benefits in an effort to save money.

Apparently, health care decision-makers blew right past any thoughts of rationing the benefits and opted to make them simply disappear completely.

The California Primary Care Association pitched a complaint but a Superior Court judge ruled against them.

In any event, one might logically expect a similar approach to cost-saving when a national health care scheme is adopted.

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Anonymous said...

ironic is it not that while i am amongst the poor in California i have no dental benefits as do those who receive MediCal.....i pay for my glasses and receive no public housing. i have seen so much fraud and abuse in the system since returning to California. people who collect disability and work at other endeavors to supplement their income. one at $300 a week recycling. that person has a bad back but rises to climb thru dumpsters, has a work out bench on his balcony, owns two cars....the system is incompetent and is rife with abuse. let us give help to those who need it and ends this joke.