Tuesday, April 28, 2009

California Waiting for National Health Care

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature have abandoned any serious attempt at health care reform in California.

Instead, they're waiting for President Barack Obama to push national reform through Congress ...."
Therefore, it appears that if government-run health care doesn't work at the state level, arguably a pilot project, then it's obviously time to expand the experiment to the national level.

It's slipped my mind while being on the tip of my keyboarding fingers. What's it called when a failed project is repeated with the expectation of different results? Erudite readers will know.

By the way, other states are also waiting. State politicians are tired of being hammered for their unachievable pie-in-the-sky health care promises and want Obama to take up the mantle as the health care charlatan. Meanwhile, America gets screwed.

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Anonymous said...

Repeating an action in the expectation of a different result is called insanity, as you well know. Other examples include the war on drugs, the continued expansion of federal activity into the schools, the use of humongous deficits to try to improve the economy and loaning money to a failed enterprise like Chrysler or GM.