Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Canadian official refuses Canadian health care

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The woman who would-be prime minister of Canada had her breast-cancer surgery done in? A. Ottawa, B. Toronto, C. Montreal, D. Alberta, E. California.

Of course Liberal PM candidate Belinda Stronach went to California. The Canadian liberal elite (she is a billionaire’s daughter) do not wait in line like commoners for Canadian health care. The liberal elites travel to the United States for their medical treatment. The Toronto Star reported:
Stronach, diagnosed in the spring with a type of breast cancer that required a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, went to California in June at her Toronto doctor’s suggestion, a spokesperson confirmed.

“Belinda had one of her later-stage operations in California, after referral from her personal physicians in Toronto. Prior to this, Belinda had surgery and treatment in Toronto, and continues to receive follow-up treatment there,” said Greg MacEachern, Stronach’s assistant and spokesperson.

Speed was not the issue, MacEachern said – it was more to do with the type of surgery she and her doctor agreed was best for her, and where it was best performed. The type of cancer Stronach had is called DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ, one of the more treatable forms.

If Canada’s health care is so good, why is it not doing this sort of surgery? Mind you, this happened in June and is only being made public in September. Her spokesman said the liberal elite loves the Canadian health system.
“In fact, Belinda thinks very highly of the Canadian health-care system, and uses it when needed for herself and her children, as do all Canadians. As well, her family has clearly demonstrated that support,” MacEachern said.

“This was about a specific health-care procedure, unrelated to any views about the quality of Canadian health care, a decision based on medical advice and a referral from her Toronto physicians, and just one part of several areas of treatment. Belinda has nothing but praise for the community of health-care professionals in Toronto who supported and treated her throughout the last six months.”

Sure, pal, sure. Whatever.

People like Stronach want the power to run a health system that they would never, ever use. The reason Canada does not have this sort of care is it devotes only 10% of its GDP to health care. America devotes 15% of its economic power to medical care. You get what you pay for.

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Zagreus Ammon said...

Doesn't this prove that the wealthy can always get care, irrespective of a social safety net, intended for the poor and those for whom routine care is financially out of reach.